Furniture for Younger Babies

1. Cots

When buying cots, look into ease of use, durability and safety. Cots are expensive items, so
before spending a lot of money, do extensive research first. It’s best to get a cot with a firm
mattress. Keep in mind that cot mattresses which are too soft are dangerous.

2. Portable cots

Portable cots are excellent products for busy parents. If you are all over the place, feel free to get
one from a reputable brand. You can take it anywhere, but you need to be very careful with it.
According to some reviews, the soft construction of portable cots can pose safety risks.

3. Changing tables

Make sure to get a decent, quality diaper changing table for your little one. Wrestling with
wriggling, fussy infants can be infuriating and dangerous, so using a poorly designed table is not
an option.

4. Bassinets

Buying baby carriers in Malaysia is fun, but don’t forget to get a bassinet, too. Bassinets are nice
because they can be placed beside the bed, and don’t take that much space. The thing here is that
infants grow out of them quickly.

Furniture for Older Babies

1. Playpens

Playpens for babies are godsend, but similar to cots, you need to research first before getting one.
Reading reviews written by parents is a good starting point.

2. Bed rails

Bed guards, or bed rails are reliable devices that prevent babies from falling from their beds. This
is a crucial product that you can use to everyday to ensure child safety.

3. High chairs

Once your kid can hold its head up (usually around 6 months), a high chair can make the feeding
process a lot easier. Just see to it that it is easy to clean and stable.

4. Safety barriers and gates

Babies are notoriously fast and curious. This is the reason why purchasing the correct safety
barriers and gates are important.