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The moment we arise from bed, we are immediately swamped with abundant information circulating social media platforms; whether we demand to be informed or not, they are presented to our visuals without extra effort, but having a fast internet is the benchmark to rapid information-sharing. With that being said, many heated debates are observed arguing about the significance of social media, whether it brings goodness or destruction to our livelihood. The saying that goes “when there is good, there is bad” best applies to this precise circumstance. While the society condemns the usage of social media because of it being a complete waste of time, they are still facing troubles unsubscribing to their accounts, why so? This article aims to shed necessary lights on social media because their intentions are indeed good, it is the people who used it that twists the motives. 

Effective Marketing Tool

It is undoubtedly true that social media is an effective marketing tool because there even exists features and functions available within the platforms that are made exclusively to ease business owners in boosting their online brand presence. To put this into perspective, Instagram has its “shop” feature, allowing both businesses to advertise about their goods and services on that very segment and consumers to scroll through it as though they are walking around in a shopping mall. Facebook too, has a similar feature dubbed the “marketplace”. In addition to that, most of the marketing-friendly features available within the platforms are free-of-charge unless business owners demand greater exposure exceeding that from the free feature, they may consider allocating some budget to that. Though monetary is involved to further reach your brand to wider communities, it is considered as rather cost-effective compared to the conventional marketing methods like flyers and brochures because effectiveness could not be measured yet a budget must be given for them to be distributed. Therefore, business owners regardless of scales are highly advised to avail themselves of social media of any kinds to boost their online presence, especially when they are aspiring to target the younger community, who spend most of their time socializing online. An external support from social media companies malaysia would be just the thing you need to embark on a social media campaign.

Information Is Free And Abundant

Prior to the rise of social media, the only way for us to receive information and news updates are through the conventional methods including newspaper, magazines, radios, televisions, so on and so forth. Today, we have since relied on our mobile devices to keep ourselves updated with news and trends. While it is environmentally friendly, we can bring it with us everywhere we go. Suppose your sleep deprived issues bring you to Instagram at 4 in the morning, fret not, you can still be able to know what is going on at the very time of the day. Information is generated and circulated 24/7 without breaks, so rather than depending on newspaper information that updates on a one-day interval, social media are much more efficient. As long as users are online, they are generating new contents, so imagine if there are 2 million active users for the time beings, chances are that at least 90% of them are producing content on their own which will then be distributed.