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Fans of Haikyuu!! finally said goodbye to their favourite volleyball team from Karasuno High School after more than 8 years as the manga’s run ended on July 20th with the final chapter. Since then, fans have been anticipating the release of the second half of the anime’s newest season, which will premiere in October. You, like many other fans throughout the world, maybe experiencing an unfathomable sense of grief after reading the final page. To replace that emptiness after working as one of the custom website designers in Malaysia and keep you occupied until new episodes of the anime are released, we’ve assembled a list of sports anime on the Internet that will have your heart racing again in the meanwhile.


  • Amanchu

This scuba diving-themed sports anime aired 12 episodes and an OVA in 2016. It’s a scuba diving show, but it’s also a slice-of-life drama in which each episode feels like its own mini-adventure. Friendship is a key aspect of this programme, as it is in every other title on this list. Pikari and Teko, the two friends who are the core of the storey, are entertaining to watch since one is shy and the other is active and unconventional. Teko doesn’t know how to swim at first, which is amusing.


  • Tsuritama

This anime is stunning, with incredible visuals and vibrant locations. It correctly uses colours following the anime’s changing emotions and moods. Not only are the visuals stunning, but the music is also wonderfully suited. In so many ways, this anime is moving. This anime follows a group of misfits who bond over fishing activity and discover the true meaning of friendship. Yuki Sanada, the protagonist, is an introverted youngster who has never made any friends in his life and spends most of his time with his grandma. He meets an enthusiastic young man named Haru who claims to be an alien and ends up staying at his grandmother’s house with him. Both boys meet another boy called Natsuki Usami soon after, and their amazing experience in the ocean begins, bringing them closer together.


  • All Out

Football aficionados need not be concerned; there are sports anime series dedicated to the sport! The show’s protagonist is Kenji Gion, a man who is entirely devoted to the sport. This anime, like other sports anime, is about the protagonist striving to be the best player he can be while overcoming numerous obstacles. It aired from 2016 to 2017 and had a total of 25 episodes.


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  • Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

The narrative of a high school boys’ swimming team is told in Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club. Haruka Nanase, a great swimmer, reunites with his childhood pals in high school and works together to restore the school’s swim club to its former glory while also repairing damaged relationships. Since this anime series emphasises character relationships and bonds, you may expect to witness a lot of character and personal growth.


  • Prince Of Tennis

Unlike some of the other programmes on this list, this one is a must-see. When the Prince of Tennis begins, the protagonist is already a fantastic tennis player. He is, in reality, a genius who has already won numerous tournaments. Despite his abilities, he is unable to vanquish his father. There are daddy issues, for sure! He joins a tennis team and spends the season attempting to defeat his father.