Been feeling a little moody and dull lately? Been getting harder and harder to get out of your bed? Working out in the room has become a mental strain now?  These may be some of the things we may be experiencing as a result of our environment. If you think your environment does not have any impact on your health, you may be truly underestimating its power.

How do you feel when you walk in through the doors of Starbucks or even Disneyland? Do the colors make you giddy and happy? Does it instantly transform your mood? When the coffee aroma hits you in Starbucks it instantly wakes you up. When the colorful yellows and reds of Mcdonald’s become visible, it stimulates hunger. When we scroll through a boho furniture store with warm tones it induces calmness and serenity. Brands have been using the power of our environment for years. Especially the power of color. It only makes sense that we use the same color psychology and principles used by brands to improve our home.

Color psychology talks about how color impacts our mood and even behavior. The overall feel and tones of the environment can change how we perceive the tasks surrounding us as well. Hence it even impacts the productivity we have. We can translate the science of color psychology into our brand new home in Batu Caves to make it a more vibrant environment. 

Speaking of colors, our color wheels divide into two precise sections. They are warm colors and cool colors. Both warm and cool colors have very distinctive differences, hence the implications they have are also drastically different. A room painted in blue might not induce the same behaviors as a room painted in yellow. 


Warm Colours 


Warm colors such as yellow,  orange, baby pinks have a drastic impact on the mood. Decorating with warm colors does not mean that you only choose one color and stick to it. There are so many different ways to use the warmer side of the color wheel to your advantage. You can go for an all warm color room with a soft beige floor, ivory walls, natural colored furniture, and contrasting it with brown and red shaded curtains and rugs. 

Cool Colours 

Cool colors are often associated with feelings like sadness but this is not always the case. Colors like blue, green, purple are used to express joy, safety, serenity, and calmness in the room. If you can definitely make your home feel inviting and welcome even with cool hues and tones. Grays and blues can be used to build a contemporary modern beach house while shades of green can be used to make a home feel vibrant. Coastal and modern are not the only vibes you can go for with cooler colors. You can also go for funky looks and vintage looks with the help of cool shades. Nothing like silver ornaments in your home paired up with black and gray hues to make a difference as well. 

Whatever side of the color wheel you choose, it is important to consider your preferences. Colors induce feelings and emotions so if you have been feeling down lately, it might be a sign for you to revamp the color of your Batu Caves home.