3 Common Eye Conditions that Can Affect Your Baby and How to Treat Them

Our babies are very sensitive to the things around them that they are susceptible to a number of different conditions. Their eyes, in particular, are quite sensitive and there are common conditions that you have to be aware of. In today’s post, I will talk about the most common eye conditions that can affect your babies and how you can treat them. Fortunately, there are some treatments that you can buy in an online baby store, among other establishments. Blocked Tear Duct This is a condition that is characterized by a discharge of fluid from their eyes that glues both their eyelashes and their eyes together. So, what causes this? Well, when the baby is still inside the mother’s womb, the tissue that is located inside the tear duct peels off and may leave a hollow core in the process. This is a natural thing that should happen to healthy [...]
October 2, 2019