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Best Web Design Services


Do you want your online business to thrive this 2019? Then, you should rebrand, and redesign your website. In order to do this well, you need the help of a reliable web design company. Below is a list of reputable agencies that can help you achieve your business’ goals.


  1. Adzooma

Adzooma’s website building services focus on delivering excellent customer conversions. It is one of the most effective website design options for business owners who have a big audience base. This company also provides ongoing updates and maintenance.


  1. 22 Point Six

This company offers free web hosting for the clients’ first year. It is bundled with the web development and design costs.


  1. bOnline

bOnline creates business websites that highlight two important factors–they are simple, and highly optimized. It focuses on easy-to-use web interfaces.


  1. Hibu

Hibu’s marketing solutions go far beyond websites. It can handle SEO, social media marketing, display advertising, listing management and online reviews.


  1. Volusion


Volusion has been operating since 1999. It specializes in creating ecommerce business websites. More than 180,000 business owners have settled for Volusion’s services in its two decades of trading.


  1. Madwire

Madwire is dedicated to providing brilliant web design and marketing services. It is a company based in Colorado, and is focused on helping small online business ventures.


  1. Mettrr

Do you have immediate online business needs? All it takes is just one call to Mettrr, then you’re good to go. This agency can create a website for your brand in just 48 hours. Once it’s done, you can request for some extra tweaks.


  1. com

This platform has already served millions of clients, making it one of the most reliable web design companies in operation. You can ask them to create a website for you from scratch. It can also help you with mobile-friendly designs, copywriting services, and mobile-friendly layouts.


Why Responsive Website Design is Important and Google Approved

Through a responsive website design, your website pages can automatically change, depending on the device’s screen size. Responsive websites have flexible, fluid layouts that offers a better browsing experience. Google has also given their seal of approval to responsive websites, which is why almost every web design agency is trying their level best to incorporate responsiveness in their website design.

Why is responsive design an essential for every business?

  • Increases reach to clients and customers on much smaller devices, such as smartphones and tables
  • A consistent responsive website design experience that can improve sales, conversions and lead generation
  • Tacking, analytics and reporting all in a single place
  • Cost and time on-website content management can be decreased
  • Stays ahead of the intense competition

The Future of Responsive Website Design for Mobile

Google is requiring these optimized elements for a more efficient mobile-friendly experience.

  • Reasonable web page loading times
  • No Flash software
  • All font styles are readable, no need to zoom
  • No need for horizontal scrolling–all content fits the gadget’s screen properly
  • Buttons and links are adequately spaced out

If you want to your online presence to grow through a successful website, you need to implement a responsive design.

4 Essential Tips to Help You Become a Web Developer

4 Essential Tips to Help You Become a Web Developer


According to statistics, the vast majority of us work at jobs out of necessity and not out of passion. We work because we need the money, but often in these cases, we do not really like our jobs. We just crunch through the day until it is time for us to get off.

Web designers actually feel the same way. For the most part, web developer specialist  are people who work out of passion and not out of need. However, becoming a web developer, especially if you’ve worked for an industry that is unlike the aforementioned profession, can be hard.

But, do not worry. In this article, I will talk about some essential tips to help you become a good web developer.

  • Set Goals

When you talk about someone who is looking to become a web developer, oftentimes, you conjure up images of people who learn the deep level stuff like coding and programming languages. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with that assumption, where I am getting at is you should not focus on that stuff first.

What you should focus on, however, is goal setting. That’s right! In order for you to become a successful developer, you must first set some tangible goals for yourself.

By “tangible” goals, I mean that you create goals that are achievable. I highly recommend that you learn more about setting S.M.A.R.T goals.

  • Learn How to Code

Once you’ve set some goals for yourself, then you can learn the nitty-gritty stuff. Coding and programming languages are the tools that a developer needs to create a website.

There are plenty of them out there, but I will outline the programming languages that you need to learn first. They are:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)- HTML is probably the best programming language to learn first, especially if you want to become a web developer. This provides the backbone of any site and it is characterized by the use of tags.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)- If HTML sets the foundation of the website, CSS just makes sure that it looks nice. Both CSS and HTML go hand in hand and as you can probably tell by now, they are two of the programming languages that you need to start learning first.
  • JavaScript- So, you’ve learned how to create the structure and you already know how to beautify your website, but how can you implement more interactive elements to it? Well, that is with the use of JavaScript, of course!
  • Copy from Web Standards

As a web developer, it would be best that you learn from actual site implementations. What I mean is that you go to an already established website and then learn their coding patterns so that you can implement them on your own website.

You do this by visiting your favorite website, right-click on a blank area and then click “Inspect” (this is assuming you’re using Google Chrome). Once that is done, you will be presented with some codes that you can look at and examine.

  • Show Your Work

For people to actually want to hire you for your web development services, they must first see what you’re capable of. For such purposes, you need to create your own website from scratch.

The reason why you want to start from scratch is so that you can showcase what you can really do. If there is a time for you to impress your potential clients, it is through this.