Choosing the best baby carrier for you

Before delving into reviews of what we thought were the best, recommended baby carriers for first-time parents, I will start by informing our audience of the factors that one should consider when selecting the best baby carrier for their baby.  Baby wearing has been a practice present in the world for many centuries and became a popular trend in Europe in the late 1900s. Mothers and Fathers have moved on from carrying their baby around in an old fashioned baby sling to investing in modern baby carriers. There are several criteria’s a person should look out for when selecting a baby carrier in 2019. These include Ergonomics, reliability, safety, versatility, comfort, and cost.  One factor that is not mentioned below is washability. Since you’ll be handling a baby, things would get messy. It’s notably easier to wash ring slings and wraps because of its loose fabric. Also, the choice of baby carrier depends on the age, weight, and height of your baby.


Ergonomics is defined as the science of designing and refining of products while putting into consideration human characteristics such as height, age, and weight, to enable effortless and efficient usage. Ergonomics comes into play when selecting a baby carrier. You need to look out for fetal tucks in baby carriers for newborns to encourage good back development. Ergonomics is also essential for ensuring that the mother and the father are comfortable. An ergonomic baby carrier would distribute the baby’s weight as the baby gets heavier, and place less of a strain on the parent’s neck, hip or shoulders. Ergonomic baby carriers include the MENGYBAOR Cotton Ergonomic Backpacks Sling Wrap. 


Modern-day baby carriers are not only limited to just one carrying position. Nowadays, you can invest in baby carriers that are adjustable to infants, toddlers, bigger kids. They can be adjusted to different positions such as forward-facing and backward-facing. So bare this in mind when choosing


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a baby carrier is safety. Keep in mind that babies are vulnerable. You wouldn’t want to be buying a malfunctioning baby stroller. Things to consider are the quality of the zipper, the stitching, fasteners, adjustment slides or the fabric. Be informed about the safety requirements when choosing a carrier.


Comfort and ergonomics are both interlaced factors. For the happiness of your baby, you may want to ensure that your baby is comfortable in the carrier. Ensure that there’s padding in the necessary places such as where the arms and legs jut out, or along the back.


Lastly, prices of carriers range from as low as a 100 rm, to around 800 rm, depending on its function. It is advisable to not purchase a carrier which is completely out of your budget, but also, doesn’t purchase one which is of poor quality just because it is the cheapest. The safety of your baby comes first.