Going to a live casino in Malaysia is definitely an exhilarating experience. You wanted to play a game of blackjack and you are surprised that the casino is actually using those card shufflers.

Now, you might have read some tips and strategies about Blackjack before, but it might not have taken into account the new machines that are being used in the casino.

Do not worry, though, as you can still win with a little bit of edge over the house. In other words, you can beat these blackjack shufflers by just reading this article.

Why Blackjack Shufflers Are Bad News for Players

One of the many reasons why people love to play Blackjack over any other casino game out there is due to the fact that it is one of the only games that allow a player to win on an almost regular basis.

Players can just research on some basic strategy that will increase their chances of winning at the blackjack table. More experienced players, on the other hand, would rely on more advance techniques such as Card counting, for example.

The point of counting cards is to assign a plus or minus count on the cards so that you will somewhat have an idea on the next card that will be drawn. From there, you can place appropriate bets to help increase the money that you will earn if you win.

However, these blackjack shufflers make card counting virtually impossible because of the fact that they usually hold a number of decks at one time and are normally filled consistently with cards that are left from the last hand- thus, making the card counter’s skills obsolete. But do not worry as there are still some things players can do to still have a chance of winning in Blackjack games.

Take note that in most casinos

The manufacturer that typically supplies these machines is Shuffle Master. They produce a particular product known as the “One 2 Six Shuffler” which can be configured to shuffle six decks at a time.

As you already know by now, the casino typically has the lowest edge over you on a single deck game. In other words, the fewer the decks that are in play, the higher the player’s chance of winning is.

So, the card shuffler usually operates with an internal Ferrispercent Wheel, in which the dealer can place as many cards as they need. When the mechanism is used, the cards will then be inserted in the machine by random into its slots in the inner chamber.

The shuffled cards will then be dropped at the dealing section, after which, the dealer can then provide them to the players. The thing is that even if you do not know the exact cards that are going to be distributed, the layout is usually the same.

This means that you can look at the cards that you have on the table so that you can get a feel of what is going to come right after. If you are really good at card counting, then you will know exactly when the aces might fall.