1. Solicit lots of reviews.

Many Amazon buyers read reviews first before finalizing their purchases. This is the reason why you should encourage your customers to rate your affiliate products, and write reviews. Testimonials can make or break trust.

2. Pick the right sub-categories.

To have a successful Amazon affiliate marketing business in Malaysia, you need to be found by your potential customers. Make sure to list your affiliate products in the right categories. This is crucial when people are browsing for, and searching for related items.

3. You need to be where your potential customers are.

The primary rule in advertising and marketing is that you need to be where your target market is. There are over two million Amazon sellers, so you need to set yourself apart from the others.

4. Ensure that your product description and listing title are accurate.

Be clear in what you are selling. All details like quantity, year and model number should be clear and concise. It’s important for your information to be accurate, so that people would easily see your products.

5. Sell your affiliate products in the listing.

Just because the product is in the Amazon product listing page does not mean that it’s impossible to utilize your knowledge on copywriting, psychology, consumer psychology and marketing. Showcase all the benefits of your affiliate product by telling potential clients how it can improve their lives. Putting up an FAQ page will also help you with your marketing.

6. Include clear, huge images of the actual affiliate product.

Of course, you would want your visitors and potential customers to see what exactly the product looks like. Prove to them, through quality images, that you can offer them great value.