Sex can be intimate, enjoyable, or even thrilling, but it’s often nothing like that. It’s just, well, dull occasionally. As shown by statistics in the Journal of Sex Studies, 27% of women and 41% of men are sexually frustrated with their present relationship. From a shortage of time to medical problems, there are a number of legitimate explanations why the light may have gone out of the bedroom.

What do you and your spouse think is boring? 

Sexual preferences and needs differ, such that one person can not please another. But different individuals who are no more sexually happy in their relationships that have similar issues. 

The nature of life may mean that you spend a little less time in the bedroom. Sex may sound more like a task than a fun experience. You may have had the same form and pattern of sex for years. Both of these variables will make sex feel less thrilling. 

If you lack a spark between yourself and your friend, you’re not the only one. For some men, the end of the honeymoon period means an end to enjoyable sex. But you can find other ways to deal with the issue.

Strategies to spice up your sexual desires 

If you’re unhappy with your sex life, there’s a lot you can do to get the thrill back to your place. 

Get treatment for chronic conditions 

If there is indeed a legitimate incentive to change your sex life, seeking care will increase your pleasure. For example, one study found that mindfulness meditation has enhanced sexual performance, depression, and anxiety disorders in people with vulvodynia.

Incorporate interaction on sex 

Something as basic as a breakdown in communication may make a difference between right and wrong sex. Many things related to sexual pleasure, and thinking about your preferences, dislikes, and desires will help your partner properly serve you. 

Allow time for sex with passion 

If both you and your partner have difficulty finding time for sex, you may feel disappointed. It can also make the relationship feel like work, something you “must do.”

Seek to assume roles in the bedroom 

As shown in a survey in 2017, around 22% of respondents have attempted to play roles. With role-playing, you can build and act on thrilling sex experiences in a trusting relationship. If both you and your spouse are willing to try it out, role-playing will help enhance sexual intimacy and excitement in the otherwise dull bedroom. 

Check the waters of sex toys 

Sex toys may be a wonderful complement to happy sex life. There are several forms of sex toys on the marketplace, and discovering one that stimulates both lovers can make decent sex even nicer.

Discover your kinks (and your partner’s) 

Kinky sex isn’t as much stigma as it was before. A lot of people participate in the mutual discovery of kinks as an enjoyable enhancement to their sexual preferences. Approval, limits, and interaction are the most critical factors when discovering kinks. 

Speak to your mental health counselor 

Sex therapy will work you and your partner explore and overcome problems and bring love back to your sexual relationship. Source has also shown that increasing moral and emotional wisdom will help to increase sexual pleasure. Other than that, you can also try any vitamins to boost energy so your sex will be much fun.