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Who doesn’t like a good shopping spree? Especially nowadays, we can just purchase whatever we want from our phone and it’ll arrive at our front doorstep. We no longer have to travel all around the world to buy the finest dress, instead, the dree will travel on its own to our house. Thanks to the modern technology and the Internet that we have, we can just easily shop online and purchase anything we want. All we need to do is just put down the payment and bamm, the items are ours. 

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Not only that, but we can also play all sorts of games including game online mega 888. Our lives have been so much easier with new and modern technology. However, despite it being easy spending money through online shopping can be an addiction, and all we know is that, by the end of the day, we are in a huge debt. Here are some tips that can be helpful for you if you want to stop your online shopping habit. 


Don’t Stress Spending 


I get it, the feeling of buying stuff that has been in our cart after a stressful day is satisfying. But instead, of coping with stress that way, why not find a better way that is good for our health and also our bank account. I mean if it’s once a while yeah, but knowing the fact that every single time we get stress we need to buy something. Maybe it’s time for us to find a new way of coping with stress. 


Provide Yourself An Allowance 


Whether you get a monthly payment or allowance, it’s best if you can set a specific amount of allowance for your shopping spree every month. Having a limit will help us to spend money wiser and also it’ll be taught us self-discipline and we need to wait for the next month’s allowances if we want to buy another thing. This way, we can also control our money spending and save our money for more important things. 


Avoid Scrolling 


It’s a pure temptation and most of the time, we will lose to the temptation. That is why it’s better to stay away from it and don’t scroll through any online shopping website without reason. Especially, if you are bored scrolling through all of the online shopping websites is never a good idea because you’ll see yourself paying and waiting for a new parcel.


Wait A Few Days 


If you something that you want, instead of immediately buying them it is best for you to wait at least 3 days before purchasing that item out of your cart. This way, it’ll allow you to think wisely whether you really need the items or you just want them. If you keep thinking about it even after a few days, then you should get them but if you don’t think about it anymore you’re lucky because you just save your bank account.