There is no shortage of quality food establishments in Malaysia. There are those that
can fill you up even when you’re on a tight budget and there are those for people who
prefer a really nice ambiance since they are spending time with a fine girl escort.

This article will serve as your guide to some of Kuala Lumpur’s top restaurants so if you
want to impress your date, read on to find out what these restaurants are.

Shanghai Restaurant

Although Kuala Lumpur is famous for a lot of Cantonese dishes, there are certain food
establishments that offer Shanghainese dishes instead.

The aptly named Shanghai Restaurant serves the said dishes and the ambiance is
really nice as it really feels like you’re in China.

Anyway, I recommend that you try their braised pork belly because it is served with
some house-made rich and savory sauce. The sauce is so delicious that you may need
an extra serving of rice just to reduce its richness.

Another recommendation is the Siew Long Bao, which is a steamed pork dumpling that
is filled with piping hot broth. Every bite of this dumpling ensures that you get an
explosion of flavors, though I would advise that you blow it first since the soup might get
too hot for your tongue.


Hailed as one of the top restaurants in the city, Cilantro is one of the best places to eat
in Kuala Lumpur. Chef Takashi Kimura will serve you some French dishes that are
laced with some Japanese influencers for a complete fusion dining experience.

I recommend that you try Kimura’s Degustation menu which is a dish filled with his
samplers. It might be quite costly at RM220, but since you are asking for a fine dining
experience, this is it.


Located at the posh Starhill Gallery, the Enak is an upscale Malaysian eatery that
serves some local Malay dishes. These dishes are homemade and the recipes have
been passed on many generations.

Despite the fact that the restaurant’s interior is purely modern, you can expect traditional
Malay dishes that is no short of flavorful.


Fukuya is a restaurant with a minimalist design and manicured gardens that will give
you a Zen-like feel when you eat here.

This is a perfect escape for people that want to get out of the hustle and bustle of
Malaysia’s capital city. You can sample some amazing Japanese dishes here and if you
want more privacy, there are some private rooms that you can go to, albeit for a price.

Devi’s Corner

Although not as fancy as the other restaurants on this list, Devi’s corner is your go-to
place if you want to eat Indian food.

There are many outlets in the city, but I recommend that you eat in their Taman Tun
branch since the place is better than the others.

You can expect a lot of common Indian cuisines, including tandoori chicken, fluffy roti
canai, an extensive array of curries and rendangs, and so much more!


The last one on the list is located in Changkat Bukit Bintang. The Bijan restaurant is a
very charming place that offers traditional Malay cuisine.

Its specialty is their beef rending and ayam percik which is barbequed chicken. The
latter is marinated with different spices before it is cooked so you can expect an
explosion of flavors on every bite.

You can pair your food with some of their extensive array of wines as well.