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Music is an important component of Japanese culture and life. This includes not just traditional musicians but also busking live concerts and anime music even through social media. Along with the vast karaoke market that has thrived in Japan since the 1970s, these have a tremendous impact on the charts. So, in this post, I’ll introduce you to several well-known Japanese singers that you must listen to especially after playing an exhausting slot game in Malaysia.


  • Miho Fukuhara

Miho Fukuhara was praised by voters for her exceptional pitch, beat, and volume awareness. Many people describe this combination as having a more Western than Japanese singing style, yet it’s still fantastic.


  • Perfume

If you appreciate techno-pop, I highly recommend Perfume. With techno-pop, Perfume’s music may make you nostalgic. Not only their music but also the synchronicity of their performance is what draws people in. Their performance is always enhanced by the application of new technology. Their music is chosen, whether it is for a play or a film, and there are unlikely to be any young people who are unfamiliar with them.


  • Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru has ruled the Japanese music charts since 1997 and is well-known throughout the world. Many of her songs are slow-paced and delivered, making them ideal for newbies.


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  • Hatsune Miku

What distinguishes Hatsune Miku from other anime characters? The fact that she isn’t genuine is all that matters. At least not on our planet. Hatsune Miku is a “humanoid identity spoken by a singing synthesiser application developed by Crypton Future Media,” according to Wikipedia. Miku, in other terms, is a 16-year-old turquoise-haired cartoon with a computer-generated voice. And the Japanese people adore her for it. Yes, she performs live concerts. To be honest, would you be able to tell that wasn’t a human voice if she closed her eyes?


  • Ringo Sheena

Ringo Sheena is without a doubt one of the most prominent figures in Japanese music. Sheena Ringo composed the song “Gibsu” when she was a high school student, and it is considered one of Ringo’s masterpieces and a representative song of Sheena Ringo. Ringo Sheena’s ability has been recognised by many countries, and she has written songs for several actresses and singers. In addition, she performs in a Japanese way. Her music has a strange aura to it, and you can sense her personality in it. You will not be bored by the live shows, which are also highly elaborate. She has a large following of admirers.


  • Bump of Chicken

Bump of Chicken is a prominent alternative rock band from Chiba made up of four men. Since 1994, their instantly known songs have influenced the Japanese music charts.


  • Arashi

It would be a sin not to mention Arashi if we’re talking about Japanese all-male bands. This pop boy band has been around since 1999 and continues to release albums, the most recent being “Are You Happy?” Individual members of the band frequently engage in activities other than singing with the group, as they are regarded as “idols” in Japan. Satoshi Ohno, called “Leader,” is a solo performer who frequently appears on television. Jun Matsumoto is a gifted actor who is most known for his performance in the Japanese drama “Hana Yori Dango.”