Technology has enhanced the space that humans can recognise to transform and occupy, and compressed the time available to them.

The first level of the human technological tree, the roast, allowed humans to gradually become more intelligent than the vast majority of other species that also exist in this world. Subsequently, through countless layers of the technological tree, at least we have lived on average far longer than our ancestors. 

The reduced cost of time to get from A to B, and the ability to see B at A without even leaving home has given us time to be bored and wasteful, rather than constantly struggling to survive. Whenever an industrial revolution takes place, when energy is revolutionised, when new major inventions are made, mankind always enjoys one benefit or other thanks to the development of technology, which changes people’s perceptions, habits, economic structures, social structures, political landscapes, etc.


At the same time, there are times when our technological tree has been misplaced and our social processes have gone astray. For example, the Nobel Prize for Dichlorvos, the atomic bomb and so on. But as long as mankind has not destroyed itself, we cannot say that our technology tree is wrong. There is no good or bad technology, but the impact is often a game with human nature. 

I have no way of predicting or having any bright ideas about how the next technological revolution will take place, other than following the general trend of artificial intelligence and the energy revolution. As it stands now, humanity is on the one hand ready to welcome the new era in the visible and tangible future. 

On the one hand, it is far from ready. Today, when artificial intelligence has already played a good game of chess, ethics, laws and so on are far from keeping up, and everyone is in a daze. How will the world landscape change under the new resource map? Nobody has an absolute answer. As to whether medical advances will lead to immortality or near-immortality, whether even time, which may now be the last resource that is relatively fair to all, will become a bargaining chip and a division of classes, I dare not even think about such questions, but leave them to sociologists and philosophers and theologians.

The study of fictional works can often tell us a lot about society, the future, or parallel worlds in which we might live.  You can learn a lot about the space age on Asimov’s book, and you can learn a lot about how society and technology changed after the Axis victory during WWII in Philip K. Dick’s book, See what will happen in William Gibson’s book if the computer sets off an industrial revolution before Babbage’s difference engine implements the principle. 

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