nipple care cream Malaysia

Breastfeeding mothers have always had it hard. This is because they not only have to take care of their baby but also their work and house, which might eventually tire them if they believe they are not doing anything good. Most times breastfeeding mothers, especially new mothers, need some help in dealing with things related to breastfeeding. That is why we are here to help you out with that. Stated below are some tips for breastfeeding mothers they can follow to have a good breastfeeding experience and also to ensure that it does not affect them mentally and physically. 

nipple care cream Malaysia

Indulge In Self-Care Time

Everyone needs me time to recharge their energy. The same goes for breastfeeding mothers. Whenever there is free time, the mothers should dedicate it to themselves instead of just focussing on choosing the right feeding bottle for the baby. They could even set a schedule on when they would like to indulge in some self-care to feel better after a tiring day. Mothers that are breastfeeding often forget about themselves because they are more worried about taking care of the baby. Taking care of yourself is also equally important because the longer you neglect yourself, the harder it is going to be on you. This is because when your body becomes too tired, you might have trouble producing milk for your baby and that might trigger postpartum depression because you are getting really stressed about the surrounding situation. That is why taking care of yourself is also as equally important as taking care of your newborn baby.

Take Care Of Your Nipples

Breastfeeding mothers will always have a sore nipple problem. This could be caused by dryness of the nipple, which results in it being flaky and sore. To avoid that, breastfeeding mothers should take care of it by changing their bras frequently and applying nipple cream that is also safe for babies to prevent your nipples from being damaged or rashes developing on them. You can check out nipple care cream Malaysia to get your nipple cream.

Get Support System

As a breastfeeding mother, most times you might feel left out or frustrated that there is no one that is understanding of the situation that you are going through. That is why you should try to find a breastfeeding mother’s support group so you can attend these groups to talk about anything that you are going through because of breastfeeding. This will help you sort out your feelings while you will not feel left out from other things. You could also talk to your husband about how you are feeling and ask for his help with the baby when you are too tired to do anything or when you have work deadlines to catch up on. 

To sum it up, breastfeeding mothers will need to learn to take care of themselves both physically and mentally so that they do not have problems arising in future such as a stressful household, missed work deadline or even falling sick because of not taking care of themselves too during the breastfeeding period.