1. “Why is this event the most effective way to get your desired results?”

Events are amazing. However, they are not always the most effective approach to meet every goal. At times, the better decision is not to push through with the event, or hold a different type of occasion to better meet the needs of clients.

2. “How does this event fit our company’s brand or mission”

The best event managing companies in Malaysia think about their mission first, before planning specific events. Whether the event management project involves a non-profit organization or big companies, the mission must be considered first, before pushing through with the event planning process. Branding is crucial. You wouldn’t want your audience to be confused, since that event didn’t fit your branding.

3. “What do you want to achieve from this specific event?”

Is there a particular outcome that you want to achieve? Encourage your stakeholder or client to be specific when it comes to measurable results. If the event goals are fuzzy, ask for a more specific examples.

4. “Who are your target audience?”

Attendees, guests and audience are used interchangeable by planners. However, you may want to be specific when it comes to your target audience. Who are the people you want to invite? Is there a change in behavior, or a call to action you want to witness? You must know what motivates your target audience.

5. “Whose buy in do we require?”

Each company has their own routines for approval. See to it that each stakeholder is aware about who needs to get involved.