When you are choosing a watch, make sure that it is the right one for you. Choose your
watch as a worthy investment in that it can last you for a very long time. With the proper
maintenance and care, you could potentially have the watch outlive you!

Anyway, how do you choose the right watch for you? Well, I will be giving away some
pointers in this article so for those of you who are interested, be sure to read through
the rest of the blog post to find out.

Mechanical Watches

The first type of wristwatches that I will talk about is mechanical watches. These are
characterized by analog watches that have a 12-number watch face and the different
hands that move that correspond to the hour, minute, or even seconds.

Anyway, the way mechanical watches work is that it relies on a mainspring which is a
coiled metal that will have to be manually winded down in order for the watch to work.
Because of the way it is built, users will have to wind the watch every day to ensure
continuous operation.

That problem is alleviated by automatic watches. Also known as a self-winding watch,
the automatic watch still works by having a mainspring attached to its mechanism but
because of its own self-winding feature, you will no longer have to do the tuning

However, in order to power the watch, you will have to wear it and keep moving in order
to supply it with some much-needed kinetic energy for the self-winding feature to work.
That is why people who store their automatic watches would put them in a self-winding
watch box to keep everything moving.

Quartz Watch

Another member of the analog watch family is the Quartz watch. Whereas the two
aforementioned types are powered by a mainspring, the Quartz watch is powered by a
single battery cell that should last for years depending on the mechanism that is used.
This puts ease and convenience to many watch owners simply because they do not
have to be thinking about winding the watch just for it to work.

However, there is a drawback to all of this in that the second-hand doesn’t move in a
smooth sweeping motion like that of mechanical watches so if you are bummed out
about that, you may want to stick the previous types instead.

Digital Watch

Unlike the previous watch types mentioned, the digital watch makes use of an LCD
screen that will help display numbers, dates, and other information. All of the digital
watches today are battery-operated, with the exception of ones that use solar power.


These are a new breed of watches in that it provides you with plenty of features that are
not present in your conventional analog watch. They can help you tell the time, it can
measure your heart rate, it can track your steps, and you can even listen to your favorite
songs directly from your smartwatch as well, among other features.

They are usually tethered to your smartphone in order to track your data and put it in
your information sheet.

Watch collectors may not like smartwatches because of their new-age designs and
most of them get outdated just a year after they were introduced.