Mobile apps can certainly do a number of different things. You could say that they are a technological marvel. That being said, Lifesum, a popular health app made by Swedish developers, has collected and analyzed data of over hundreds and thousands of its users to help give you its findings on the best foods to eat before and after sex.
These foods are best known for improving one’s sex drive. Today, I am going to talk about the best foods for men’s virility and ones that you should always consider putting into your diet.


It is a well-known fact that dark chocolate provides you with a lot of health benefits, but according to Lifesum, any type of chocolate (excluding white chocolate) can actually give you some sexual benefits as well.
That is because chocolate, in general, contains both phenethylamine and anandamide which are two ingredients that can help release endorphins, otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’.
That being said, how much chocolate should you consume? Ideally, you want to consume a block of chocolate about 3 hours prior to sex. This should give ample time for the chocolate to be digested by the body so that you can get its maximum effects just before some sexy time.

Ground Flax Seeds

Flaxseeds are actually considered superfoods because of its rich antioxidant profile. These antioxidants help improve the blood flow to the genitals- which is something that men would want to maintain powerful erections for longer periods of time.
Aside from that, flax seeds contain lignans which are estrogen-like chemicals that have antibacterial, anticancer, and antiviral properties.

Pumpkin Seeds

These seeds might not be the first thing in your mind when you think about food but it should certainly be a part of your diet.
Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc and magnesium which are minerals that are known for optimal sexual health.
Plus, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health and reduce the inflammation in the body.

Pomegranate Seeds

I am surprised that until now, pomegranate is not considered a superfood. But if you ask me, they should be a part of that list.
The seeds of a pomegranate fruit are jam-packed with polyphenols which are compounds that are documented to decrease the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It is also known to relax your blood vessels as well.
Aside from that, it has flavones which are associated with improved erections for males. Vitamin C, also found in pomegranate, can reduce stress and provide you with more sexual stamina.


Just by reading this article, you might have already figured out that you want your blood vessels to be relaxed so that it can help pass more blood through. Avocados are rich in antioxidants that can help you do just that.
It is known to widen your blood vessels and because of its high unsaturated fat content, it is also helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease as well.