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Sometimes, when we have free time and we don’t want to scroll through our social media. We want to do any fun activity but we don’t know what it is. Well, this article will tell you what are the things you can do during your free time. 

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Young woman is reading book



With the technology and the smartphones that we all have, we don’t really read as much as we used to do. Well, now that you are free, instead of scrolling your Instagram and see the same pictures why not grab a novel and start reading them. Once, you start reading you will be surprised at how fast time passed by. 




Baking is probably one of the most fun and therapeutic activity to do. To have your whole house smells like a bakery is so lovely. You don’t have to stress over it because now there are a lot of easy recipes that you can follow on the Internet. Whether it is a loaf of simple banana bread or a lovely cupcake. 


Play A Game 


There are plenty of online games that you can play on your phones or your laptops. You can also play online casinos at mega 888. If you are not familiar with casinos game, you can just play a relaxing game like Candy Crush or Subway Surf. 


Watch Netflix 


I bet there are tons of movies or tv series that you haven’t watch on Netflix. Well, why not watch it now and see what movies or tv series will get you hooked on. Here are some of my personal favorites when it comes to tv series Jane the Virgin, Outerbanks, and Anne with an E. These are probably one of the best tv series on Netflix. 


Call Your Friends or Family 


It’s good to stay connected with your loved ones. Especially nowadays, we haven’t really seen them face to face. All you gotta do is just call them or video call them to ask about their condition and maybe catch up with each other. Your loved ones will appreciate your gesture and you will also have company while you are free. 


Organize Your Room 


Let’s be real, during weekdays or when we are busy we don’t really have the time to clean our room, organized our closets, and change our bedsheets right? Well, thanks to the free time we have now we can do all of that. Cleaning your room can be a fun and therapeutic activity and to have more fun you can blast music when you are cleaning your room. 




Who said that coloring is an activity for a child? As an adult, I personally enjoy coloring because it helps to reduce my stress and anxiety plus it’s also good for my motor skills. You can purchase an adult coloring book at any bookstore and you’ll enjoy your time coloring all of the beautiful designs in the book. 


Nap Time


This is probably the best activity to do when you have free time. Take a good nap in the middle of the day, nothing can beat that. There is nothing wrong with taking an extra nap, after all, you have been working yourself all week long.